I am so thrilled you stopped by. While my calendar is mostly full of weddings, I like to say that I specialize in people. I am the photographer for people who desire to have their moments thoughtfully and artistically captured while having a blast doing so. I aim to make photography as fun, candid, and representational of your story as I possibly can. I desire to connect with you, get to know you, and capture you as you are. You matter, so does your story! Just as though I cannot wait to get to know you, here is a little bit about me:

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest with a deep love for all things outdoors. I am a fan of waffles and being outdoors on my skis, my bike, or my feet. My newest interest is alpine mountaineering and I have added "shoot a wedding on the summit of a mountain" to my bucket list. Speaking of weddings, I recently married my best friend, Zack, and can now say I understand weddings to a new degree! Zack and I spent basically the whole extent of our relationship building a "tiny house"- that will definitely teach you about teamwork.

I am a fan of "adventure" (what does that even mean anymore?), that warm sunset light that you want to last forever, deep belly laughter (The Office), & anything sweet (aka I love the dessert table at weddings, you can certainly find me there). You will also find me cracking dumb jokes while also waltzing out into traffic to get a good photo. Some have said I remind them of a mix between Sarah Braverman from Parenthood and Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. Take that how you may. 

I graduated from Western Washington University, with a degree in Sociology + Communications Studies + Geography. I have a passion for urban planning, social justice, small scale farming, and studying people!

I began taking photos of friends when I was just 16, and here I am now. Equally stoked and anxious to see where photography can take me next. What can I say, I adore what I do- I am so excited to artistically capture your story

Instagram: @shelbyapayne

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- our chickens
- mountain biking
- pottery
- baking muffins
- people!


“Shelby went above and beyond on our wedding day to make us feel at peace. She set such calm tone throughout the day, and our wedding would not have run as smoothly if it wasn’t for her. he reminded us that this day was about US and because of that we were able to relax and focus on each other. She was helpful with directing us for portraits, but we never felt like we were posed. Shelby is an incredibly kind, genuine person and because of this she is such a pleasure to work with”

Mary Beth +Alex

“Shelby was an absolute pillar on our wedding day. . . catching photos in so many different places you would think that she had three extra photographers with her. Though she hadn’t met any of my family prior to the wedding, she was calling them by name, making them feel comfortable, and never revealed a shred of stress during that process.

She caught all of those big moments, but also all those in-between moments – the ones where we didn’t even know there was a camera there. Those are the photos that are hung up in our home, circulated among loved ones, and close to our hearts”

jared + Monica

"Norah and Finch captured our engagement beautifully and honestly. We are more than pleased with how our images turned out and cannot wait to order prints!"

Anna Kathryn and Andrew Simmons

"Our session with Norah and Finch was probably the best experience we have ever had during a photo shoot. We will definitely be contacting them in the future!"

Jack and Maria Ellington

Happy Clients